TAN Xuguang’s Speech at the Party Committee (Expansion) Meeting of China Heavy Truck Group

On April 15, Tan Xuguang, Secretary and Chairman of the CPC Committee of China Heavy Truck Group, chaired a meeting of the CPC Committee of China Heavy Truck Group (expanded). The following is the full text of the speech recorded.

Speech at the Party Committee (Expansion) Meeting of China Heavy Truck Group

Tan Xuguang     April 15, 2019 (based on live recordings)


It’s almost 11 p.m. I just came back from a business trip in Japan, and held a day’s meeting today. In the morning, the Party Committee held the first stage to study the current key work. In the afternoon, a meeting of marketing system was held to analyze the problems existing in the marketing work, and I also raised the requirements at the meeting. Just now, the Party Committee held the second stage and deployed the current key work. Today, the topic of the Symposium on Domestic Marketing System is “Where to Go for Domestic Heavy Truck Products of China Heavy Truck”. I think this topic is very good. Everyone actively participated in it and put forward good suggestions. I hope it will be implemented after the Symposium. Now, we have convened (expanded) meetings of the Party Committee to systematically exchange some of the work of today’s Party Committee research with our Party and government comrades in charge. We hope that you will grasp the intention of the Party Committee in time.

During my stay in Japan, I thought about a lot of problems and sent them to members of various teams before I came back. I also asked you to raise five questions and corresponding corrective measures from the perspective of the whole group. Everyone submitted it on time, and I read it carefully. Generally speaking, it was mentioned very well. I am particularly touched by the high recognition and support you have given to the reform of China Heavy Truck. I am very grateful to all of you for your support and integrated development since the establishment of the new Party Committee. In the reports submitted by all of you, the top management can face the problems directly and show no mercy, which I really did not expect, and this is the strongest support for China Heavy Truck to achieve its future strategic objectives. It is also normal that there are some problems in your reports, such as ambiguous strategy, unclear path and unclear problem expression. The opinions put forward by all of us provide an important basic guarantee for the holding of the First Democratic Life Conference by the Party Committee of the Group in the next step. Next, I would like to highlight five issues.

1. Improving the efficiency of decision-making and implementation of Party committees

It is the “root” and “soul” of state-owned enterprises to adhere to the leadership of the Party, strengthen its construction and give full play to the leading and political core role of the Party organizations. This is the Party’s fundamental requirement for state-owned enterprises. We should resolutely safeguard the central position of the Party Committee in China Heavy Truck, strictly implement the rules of procedure and decision-making procedures of the Party Committee, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of the Party Committee’s decision-making. To uphold democratic centralism, Party committees are the organs of collective decision-making. They can have different opinions at the meeting, because it is understandable that people will have different understandings from different perspectives. We should encourage people to tell the truth, to tell the truth, to avoid contradictions, to cover up problems, and even to argue. Once a resolution is reached by the Party Committee, the members of the team must act with one voice and unanimously, implement the resolution of the Party Committee and take the lead in safeguarding the authority of the Party Committee. Although the Party Committee did not follow your personal opinions, the Party Committee has formed a unified resolution, which should be carried out in accordance with the resolution of the Party Committee. We should advocate openness and openness, discuss everything on the table, and firmly oppose the “kicking” behavior on the table and under the table. I particularly emphasize here that in the past, China Heavy Truck had such a culture, and now it is not easy to change it completely. But now our middle-level cadres are all newly recruited. We should completely eliminate this culture and use a new political ecology to guide our words and deeds. We work together not for you or for me, but for the common cause of China Heavy Truck to become a world-class company. Without personal grievances, we can do things well. There may be contradictions and different views between us, but all for one goal. If we understand this, everything will be solved.

Under the leadership of the Party Committee, the managers are responsible for the concrete implementation of the resolutions of the Party Committee. The General Manager’s Office Council should improve its political position, and the decision-making matters of the Party Committee should be firmly implemented. The situation of “two skins” of the Party Committee and the General Manager’s Office Council should never be allowed. Not that it exists now, but that it should be prevented first. If it happens, it is “Yang Feng Yin Violation”. The General Manager’s office meeting should be effectively promoted around the resolutions of the Party Committee. As the General Manager, Comrade Cai Dong should lead a good team of managers, consciously accept the leadership of the Party Committee, the supervision of the Party Committee and the supervision of the masses. To achieve efficient implementation, we must break through horizontal and vertical barriers. In the past, our line management model was very inefficient. No matter who is in charge, it is not allowed to do so now. Whoever does so will have to move his position, including our senior management team. After I went to China Heavy Truck, it took me at least one year to run in with the senior management team and understand each other before I could evaluate objectively. I have the process of adapting to everyone, and everyone has the process of adapting to me, which I fully understand. We must establish a matrix, flat and efficient management system. The General Manager’s Office Committee should take overall consideration of the administrative work and the Party committee’s deployment. As the general manager, Comrade Caidong should take the first responsibility for the operation and management of the whole group, the implementation of measures and the completion of targets. Functional departments, specialized factories and subsidiaries should clarify their responsibilities and closely link up.

Post time: Jun-20-2019